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The evil multimedia forum

Here's a place to post audio and video of interest to evilHow denizens.

On the attractions of evil research wizardry (external link)

A big red button to press in situations of extreme evilness (external link)

Take a moment out of your busy life to ponder the wonders of...whoa.
The most relaxing song ever (external link)

A tribute to Disney villains (external link).

An audio tale (external link) of brutality, misery, and arthropods.

I have a sinking feeling that I used to date this guy. That backpack rings a bell, anyhow.
SUCKLORD 600 TOY COMMERCIAL (external link)

The brood of the Hive have matured and set their sights on Earth. Night Music (external link)

People! Is there really any need to always Hiss the villain (external link)?

The launch of the Prom Date Rocket (external link) 1

Crank 'em up: Macabre Charade (external link)

You might want to play The Scythe of Saturn (external link) by industrial music band Locust Sympathizer (external link), but be prepared for if the metalshop next door asks you to turn it down.

The title How to Destroy a Planet for Dummies (external link) makes me think that step 1 should be "First, get a planet for dummies."

A full and luscious asteroid impact, for your viewing pleasure. Choose the Pink Floyd version (external link) or Benny Hill version (external link)

Video: Top 11 Disney Villains (external link)

Monster (external link) by The Automatics
What's that coming over the hill?

Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

If your rank and file troops are going around mopy and dejected, you might try injecting this viral number among them. Look At My Helmet (external link)
Take a look at my helmet!

My enormous helmet!

Take a look at my helmet!

An informative little video on the origins of the terms assassin, contract killers, hitmen, and snipers (external link), which will purportedly save one's life.

Folks have been posting up their video applications for membership into the Evil League of Evil: Furey of Solace's (external link), P-Sycho (external link), and six dozen others (external link).

Applications for membership. How quaint.

Don't know about that saving the world part....
My Evil Plan to Save the World (external link) by Five Iron Frenzy
I have an evil plan to save the world for every man,

And I think it's better than the way it's being run.

Oh the groundwork's laid,

No don't be afraid,

I'm sure that I can fix it,

When I figure out the physics.

Oh no, physics.

I really don't know any supervillains with such cheezy accents, but whatever.
World Destruction - Timezone (external link)
Military tactics to control a nation.

Who wants to be a president or king? Me!

Mother Nature is gonna work against you.

Nothing in your power that you can do.

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