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Veeper 2 stars
Or bad words. My mates and I have been decrying the decline in the terms used to describe people one disapproves of, and call for a return to the rich vocabulary once used universally by comic book villains (and heroes, for that matter). Terms like:
  • hooligans
  • jackanapes
  • caitiffs
  • rapscallions
  • scoundrels (though there is some debate as to whether this one is quite out of fashion yet)
lend so much more of an air of authority than plain old evildoers or insurgents does, would you not agree?

CapellaNovafyre 2 stars
Those all look like this so I'm representin':
  • minxes
  • harlots
  • viragos (or viragoes?)
  • harpies

GrinningSkull 5 stars
Mustn't forget these:
  • curs
  • blackguards
  • varlets
  • knaves

Edited: I never put that apostrophe there!

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