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The way of the gigalomaniac

PoseidonI have always lived my life according to the belief that if you work very hard and are able to bring about a substantial amount of evil, you should be entitled to a shot at the next level of advancement beyond mere humanity. Transcendence of the mortal plane to that of the divine is the least that the universe can do for a truly gifted trailblazer who has managed to tip the balance over to the side of the chthonic. And still, the move from successful diabolic mastermind to actual demonic status is not granted automatically by the hand of fate but must be planned and executed like any other malignant scheme of yours. In any case, if one has amassed enough power, one can behave as if this has come to pass anyway just to drive the do-gooders mad with envy and to dazzle the plebeians. In ancient times, the antics of deities provided essential entertainment value long before celebrities had been invented so that storytellers would have compelling characters to fit their confabulations, and now and then actual religious figures would systematize their own thinking in the form of a sacred document their priestly class would be expected to spend time memorizing.

Grinning Skull

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