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Blog: Your bad
Description: Admin blog for the website devoted to the perfection of world-class vice.
Created by admin on Sat 13 of Sept., 2008 12:29 EDT
Last post Mon 17 of Sept., 2012 21:27 EDT
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Second season

Attention peoples of the world: Evilhow is once more a force with which to reckon. Many have inquired as to the reason for our recently concluded hiatus. The precise mechanism by which our activities are governed is of no concern to the public at large, much as the avid interest into our comings and goings is quickened by the continued high level of our mass appeal. Let us simply state that as always, our mission is to provide the highest-quality instruction and information for the aspiring evildoer and an authoritative repository of best practices for the experienced villain. Over the next twenty-two weeks we will explore the foundations of our craft, delve into some of the lesser-appreciated fine points of technique, and probe into the interface between foul play and various aspects of modern life and death. We invite you to enjoy the rancid feast and encourage you to ensnare as many of your dubious acquaintances as you can reasonably be expected to ensorcel with the fare here. This is bound to be intriguing.
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Twitter belongs to me

I keep reading people complaining about how they don't get Web 2.0, that they don't understand the point, or how it's any good to them. These people simply fail to comprehend that it's all about me, the great and powerful Grinning Skull, and of what use I choose to put these sites to.

Here is a collection of my tweets, in case you have not yet become a Follower. You will learn.

  • Is there some reason, which now escapes me, why nobody's built a robotic Chuck Norris yet? 10:37 PM Oct 21st from txt
  • You know what doesn't kill you but also doesn't make you stronger? Amputations 6:13 AM Oct 19th from txt
  • Always take the head shot, if you get one handed to you 2:02 PM Oct 18th from txt
  • All the pretty horseheads 9:38 AM Oct 18th from txt
  • Wealth is a fever that can be cured only by more fever 7:03 PM Oct 17th from txt
  • Measure once and cut about a thousand times. Works for me. 12:22 PM Oct 17th from txt
  • Mood; squamous 7:49 AM Oct 17th from txt
  • Finally perfected the sip-n-puff interface to my flying concept. I call it Electromotive Breath 11:40 AM Oct 14th from txt
  • Lazytweet: where can one get three sq meters of epithelial tissue? Thanks 2:14 PM Oct 13th from txt
  • The enemy of my enemy is probably cutting into business 9:48 PM Oct 10th from txt
  • Oh no, that isn't thunder, my dear. That is the sound of the depth of my commitment. 6:01 AM Oct 10th from txt
  • Under the radar I had installed another radar 10:54 AM Oct 4th from txt
  • I envy the crab nebulans. 1:11 PM Oct 2nd from txt
  • Damn, where'd my submarine go? My SUBMARINE!? 9:03 AM Oct 2nd from txt

See what you have been missing?

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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