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  • How to confuse your nemeses?
  • How to choose your evil moniker?
  • How to savor sweet revenge?
  • How to disguise your true intentions?
  • How to build an awesome submarine?
  • How to bend the rules of time?
  • How to choose evil allies?
  • How to exterminate the innocent?
  • How to intimidate the powerless?
  • How to control the media?
  • How to develop a scary image?
  • How to drop out of sight?
  • How to bring down all computer networks?
  • How to control the minds of your foes?
  • How to make your underlings ready to die for you?
  • How to build your cult of personality?
  • How to brainwash your minions?
  • How to grow immune to poison?
  • How to herd ninjas?
  • How to decorate your fortress?
  • How to seethe with hatred effectively?
  • How to beat them at their own game?
  • How to spread terror and dismay everywhere?
  • How to regroup your forces in secret?
  • How to cultivate magnetic sex appeal?
  • How to acquire amoral hyperintelligence?
  • How to steal every scene you are in?
  • How to run a successful internet scam?
  • How to maintain professional courtesy?
  • How to collect the skulls of your enemies?
  • How to break enemy combatants' wills through music?
  • How to accelerate global warning?
  • How to disappear from sight?
  • How to get started with strangling small animals?
  • How to lull the citizens into a false sense of security?
  • How to come up with a catchphrase?
  • How to indulge your penchant for sadism?
  • How to hire a media director?
  • How to manage and master undead fiends?
  • How to look good on TV even when you're really really bad?
  • How to exploit gender politics?
  • How to build your own dungeon?
  • How to build your own secret laboratory?
  • How to torture, maim, and cripple without medical training?
  • How to punish the innocent?
  • How to lay siege to a citystate?
  • How to learn the lessons of history?
  • How to spread a plague?
  • How to learn from the classics?

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