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We are devoted to helping superior evil villains in their pursuit of demonic acts according to best practice everywhere. We will not be sidetracked from this goal by those misguided individuals who seek to use their evil nature for ill.

  • Blanking or defacing pages — you shall be DeParticlized.
  • If you write spamin the wiki, if you write spam in the comments; you will be DeParticlized and the viscera of your spam shall be torn asunder.
  • If you are an actual law-breaker, a skin-color supremacist, if you are a malignant operative not devoted to the theoretical and high-minded consideration of evil in its most perfect forms, you shall be DeParticlized.
  • This is our house, not yours. There are those who say there is a right way and a wrong way. Those who say that are wrong; they shall be DeParticlized.
  • If you are a prospective advertiser, you shall not be DeParticlized. Nice, precious prospective advertisers! Contact us for information on how to place your ads.

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