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How to spread a pestilence

RD Lotus
**** A wide-ranging pandemic which takes down the entire species is something which many evil geniuses have sought, hoping to remake our home planet in a way unsullied by the teeming billions who have gone before them. In some cases these mad scientists were themselves human, usually hoping to create and sequester a vaccine to the plague they are unleashing to apply to themselves and perhaps to any who would become their thralls. Others are freer to act either because their biology is nonhuman or because their artificial construction means they do not have any biology _per se_ at all. With any luck the malady will go global, afflicting billions who were previously completely unaware of your threat. The billions whom you target as your chosen victims may well perish unaware of their plight or you may choose to provide full information on the author of their destruction to muse upon in this their dying day.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Mark out a distribution plan. Even before you go into the laboratory or supernatural coven to cook up your unwanted gift, spend a decent amount of time considering exactly how the agent is to be introduced into the global transportation networks down to the level of interpersonal interactions in all their variety. Of key importance is strict attention paid to the virulence of the agent: too strong, and the carriers will die off before they spread the disease, too weak, and pockets of immunity will form, giving a most unsatisfactory patchwork of resistance. Computer simulations and non-lethal trials are the best ways to perfect these calculations well in advance of the actual launch.
  2. Multiple Typhoid Marys. Usually it is better to work with multiple Patient Zero cases instead of the classical single one, just because of the variation in individual immune response among different populations. The infected starter cases may either be aware of their status as carriers or if you are careful you may be able to inoculate and release them completely unaware, in hopes that they will go unnoticed by authorities until far too late.
  3. Overload the health care system. By multiplying the outbreak sites and keeping them growing at a good clip you can overwhelm the regional medical facilities to a point where people will start to go untreated, which will virtually guarantee a goldmine of new cases. If the pestilence is one that is easy to catch by the frontline care providers themselves, you further erode the capacity of the network and spread confusion and panic among the stricken.
  4. Keep an eye on the media. Once the pestilence spreads and symptoms begin, the mass media are your best bet for understanding whether the real-life development matches the model predictions. There may be a time when you may return to your selected inoculation centers and introduce additional zeroeth generation carriers if there are large gaps of people.
  5. The horror. When the situation has completely broken down and resistance has proven to be futile, you may sweep in and take charge of the situation, having taken care to protect your own forces from the effects of your misdeed.


! Strokes of genius

  • Insect vectors. The humble mosquito and its other biting cousins can be a key ally in encouraging your blood-borne pathogen to travel across large regions, particularly in the tropics. It can go where none of your conventional henchmen can penetrate, crossing great distances in pursuit of new victims, virtually unstoppable whenever people need to venture out of doors unprotected. Treat your bloodsucking allies with respect and do whatever you can to make your disease compatible with their habits.
  • Tainted food and water. No matter how little else a population may have, they do need access to food and water to survive, and if you can compromise these, your epidemic will roll like a juggernaut across your target group. If they are particularly hard up you will not even need to disguise the contamination much, since the alternatives of starving to death or dying of thirst are universally shunned even if it means an agonizing fate through disease. And if you can arrange to have some side effects of your pestilence which are positively atractive, such as a euphoric delirium, the people will be lining up just to escape the monotony and welcome a fate they will have already accepted.
  • Alien disease organisms. One foe you may have to battle when spreading a pestilence is the efforts by medical researchers to isolate and cure the illness as soon as it has been identified. By choosing an extraterrestrial source for the malady, you can make their task many orders of magnitude more difficult, as they will also need to struggle against an unknown biology unlike our own to understand. If you have done your homework and chosen a kind of sickness that will flourish rapidly in our own environment, you are that much more likely to win the race.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Miracle antibiotic and/or vaccine.
  • Mutant strains. Either those much more or much fatal can be problems.
  • Soap and water. Out in the wilderness or in more poverty-stricken regions, your task is made greatly easier by the difficulty of obtaining adequate hygiene, in part offsetting the sparser population density that would otherwise limit the spread of the syndrome.
  • Stockpiled face masks. The ones that are on hand in the epidemic region should be treated beforehand with your special preparation.

The Black Death

+ Precious and needful

  • Supercomputer to run pandemic models.
  • Flasks of serum.
  • Stockpile of curative agent.
  • Access to transportation hubs.

Further plotting

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