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How to make the world live as one

crestock-168518-2560x1600****It has long been a dream that all humanity might live as a single organism on this planet, each man and woman living in harmony with one another the same way that individual cells in the body work together toward a greater whole without first thinking of their own desires. Though such seamless unity is commonly held to be an unreachable goal, the road to the goddess-Earth, Gaia Invicta, is fairly straightforward with each step being achievable by the person who has sufficient vision and stamina to see it through. Most experts agree that recent advances in mass communication and improvements in the theory of mass mind allow the mastermind with drive and courage to achieve a world-spanning empire that will never die.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. To insure compliance. The chief barrier to achieving a meld between all people is the devotion to self endemic to the modern world. Fortunately the modern world has also provided the remedy to break down the narrow conception of self and open up the gates of psyche to a wider set of influences. You may think we are speaking of drugs here, and of course we are, but in point of fact there are also such remedies in the form of pastimes (re competitive sports), viruses (both biological and technological), creeds, and implants, all of which the unifying superman is encouraged to promote.
  2. Harness instinct. The greatest power source you can tap is contained in the depths of the human mind itself, consisting of the willingness to submit to a leader who displays the qualities of leadership. For hundreds of millennia before written history, humans have organized themselves into bands with a single dominant figure at the fore, making this the most comfortable and congenial arrangement for the masses who willingly will come to sacrifice everything to your master plan. The science of mass psychology is one which recognizes this immutable trait which can be exploited by a patient overlord to dominate the entire planet.
  3. Be the brain. As you begin to conquer the separate bastions of self and need to coordinate them and shape them to your own ends, a massive computing ability will become essential in mediating the flow of information. In the end, this system, likely composed of both organic and inorganic bits, will make up a world girdling cybernetic network to which you hold the one sole authority. This goal is made easier if you are already yourself equipped with machine interfaces at some point. While you are still actively campaigning across the breadth of the planet, a set of high-speed links to the collective will be most convenient, until you can safely assume the battle won, when you can switch over to more robust fixed network ports.
  4. Orbitals. If the planet is to be one, there must be a place separate from it to sequester the disharmonious (often temporary) elements. For instance the gestation of replacement population and the disposal of excess population are two functions better placed offworld, so as to avoid distracting the rest of your workers from what tasks to which they have been set. Any stubborn pockets of resistance to your rule might be better relocated to these as well, as they can be equipped to have no contact and no exit. If you set your mind to thinking how these can offload the disharmonious remnants of the world, the annoying technical details of food, water, and air provisioning may not seem to be too large to work out.

TN State Prison 3

! Strokes of genius

  • Have a mission. It will be easier to plan how to dispose the billions of workers at your command if you have a fairly simple overarching vision on what this unified world is supposed to be accomplishing. For instance, is it a fearsome war machine threating all its planetary neighbors? Is it a technological laboratory for machine intelligences which will soon replace humanity? Or is it simply a gigantic pleasure dome that you own, whose only function is to furnish the most decadent sybaritic delights you desire?
  • To your greater glory. While you are busy extirpating all signs of individual ego in your population, remember that it is important to fill that void with something to your liking, nature abhorring a vacuum and all that. Almost certainly the thing you want to put into all those psyches rendered tender and receptive is the thought of your own greatness. What you want ultimately is to have each human's happiness and fulfillment yoked to your greater glory.
  • The kill switch. Uniting a few billion people is a touchy affair, it cannot be denied, and the prudent supervillain would do well to lay in contingency plans for if things go slightly awry and the masses devoted to your ambition turn out to become mindless zombies destroying everything they encounter, or, worse yet, vengeful single-minded assassins seeking out everything having to do with you. One of those orbitals might not be enough space between you and the worst-case scenario, and it is best to earmark a considerable amount of expense and effort (say 10% of your total budget) to this kind of disaster preparation.
  • Guilt. Train your subjects to maintain a habitual sense of individual shortcoming and you will reap the benefits. For one thing, it puts a damper on grassroots revolutions by taking away the conviction that an individual, flawed and weak, can make any difference in the crushing status quo. For another, it allows you to substitute a blind obedience to your vision, whatever it is, one which encourages the unworthy subordinates to lay down their lives with gladness.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • There's usually one joker. Despite your best efforts at providing a mind-numbing, homogenized, creativity-sapping environment worldwide you may find that one or two exceptional individuals may still crop up with the bright idea of upsetting all you have worked for. Naturally you may simply crush these individuals as is your prerogative, but you may find that if your administrative ranks are thin at the top, where creativity and fortitude are most in need, you might want to snare them instead and keep them around for the service they can provide. It's a dangerous game to play, true, but if you are at all good at ensnaring people with addiction or other vices, you might find that you can reap quite a benefit here.
  • Don't spare the animals. Because humans evolved alongside other living creatures, on a very deep level the sight of animals living their normal lives can be upsetting to even a deeply compromise personality. A flock of doves flying freely against a blue sky cannot help but be a symbol of something you really do not want spreading among your thralls. Better to assign a task force or two to wipe all of these unwanted lifeforms from the planet, a role that humans are also uniquely well-suited at by temperament.
  • Free expression.
  • Books. Keep the films and video media, but sacrifice printed works whenever you have an opportunity in the time-honored way.

Tori controls the hive mind on Tuesdays.

+ Precious and needful

  • Cameras and lots of them.
  • Catchy music. To serve the function that patriotic anthems once did before you absorbed all the nations.
  • Evil physicians and nurses.
  • Penetrating mind-control rays.
  • Demonic teachers.

Further plotting

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