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How to look frighteningly deranged

****Humans and other beings are programmed instinctively to distrust those whose outward appearance differs greatly from a fairly well defined norm, growing accustomed to extreme outliers only after a lengthy period of desensitization, during which time they will almost unconsciously ascribe an equally extreme interpretation of the internal mental state as well. As such, you can take advantage of this by executing a shocking makeover of your personal style palette. Not only will you intimidate and confuse your victims, you will likely also gain a new measure of respect among your peers if you can pull off a convincing impression of insanity. If at the same time you can carry out elaborate plans of destruction through intimidating shows of force, you will solidify your branding as a true “mad scientist” type.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Lack of proportion. The most impressive variations from the norm you can rely on to give you a frightening mien start with three main aspects: asymmetry (one eye larger than another, for instance), anomalous size (bulging and mismatched eyes), and advanced decrepitude (reddened, squinty eyes). If you are unwilling or unable to take these by means of simple willpower, you can do so through surgical body modification if you are willing to drop out of action for the time it takes to recuperate.
  2. The tell-tale voice. You can reinforce your look of mental instability by injecting a note of derangement into your customary speech pattern, a rising tone suggesting desperation or fury, and an irregular cadence reflecting wayward and disordered thought. Let there be no doubt as to your eccentricity with every rant and inappropriate sound that falls from your lips. Turn off any internal censor you might have and let the sociopathic and grandiose pronouncements, the naked threats and the contradictory demands fly like a thousand Death’s Head moths to smother your listeners Unintelligible muttering combined with sudden and inappropriate shouted obscenities complete the effect.
  3. Props. If you can arrange to have a Komodo dragon (external link) follow at your heels, or can wear a suspiciously heavy pendant appearing to be made of liquid metal, try incorporating these into your look. You may need to adjust the other elements of your manner and costuming in order not to be upstaged by an especially compelling accessory.
  4. Gesticulation. To complete the appalling presentation, add in some wild body language such as nervous pacing or hand-chopping. If you are seated you can try smaller bits of movement such as nervous tics or an icy scowl.

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

! Strokes of genius

  • Mix it up. Spells of utter lucidity alternating with rambling delusional nonsense is particularly effective in keeping your audience off-balance. It also affords you an opportunity to now and then keep your affairs in good order, plot some complicated revenge, or enjoy a little quiet time.
  • Eyewitness accounts. As with all your other publicity efforts, nothing is as likely to convince your intended audience of your utter madness as the testimony of an actual victim. This can be disseminated either in recorded form or, in some uncommon circumstances, by word of mouth using a live spokesman.
  • Loony company. A kind of synergy exists between the members of a troop united in delirium, enhancing the eccentricity of each. If you can surround yourself with zany psychopathic henchmen, so much the better. Just don't trust those nuts with anything.
  • Perspire freely. Beads of sweat dotting your brow send a message that your agitation pervades your entire being down to the involuntary bodily systems. For those who are not naturally able to do this on demand, a change in diet or a fine mist of glycerine may be useful aids.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Fads. The cut-lip look popularized by the Joker in the Dark Knight film and that guy in Pan's Labyrinth swept through the supervillain community like wildfire, reached its crest, then suddenly became completely uncool. Although you may benefit initially by following the crowd, once it's all over it can be difficult to regroup when the look starts to become tired. Fashion can indeed be a cruel mistress. Remember that familiar is comforting, while freaky is threatening.
  • Self-parody. You should be aware that there is a fine line between incredulous admiration of the multitude and ignominious ridicule.
  • Fatigue. Few can keep up a high-energy manic frenzy going for long without a chance to rest, though this basic biological fact need not become a weak point in your production. Even while passed out it is possible to present a convincingly unbalanced appearance through the right sort of costume design coupled with a touch of makeup that will convey the impression that once you resume your chaotic ways it will be as one thoroughly unhinged. A bit of drool and a convulsive twitch is easy to throw in amongst the more demanding physical outbursts and require only a minimal amount of effort.

+ Precious and needful

Further plotting

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