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How to inhabit inanimate objects

****It has long been the evil villain version of hide and seek, wherein one drops out of sight to lie in wait in a treasure vault, all to wreak a bloody and horrible vengeance on some adventurer seeking to despoil. Others like to think of it as a second career, having done all they can in their mortal form and switching over some form completely different, a speedboat, a gemstone, a mannequin, or a puppet. A few are attracted by the sheer audacity of their dream of being encased in gold for eternity inside a gem-encrusted amulet. The advantages can include such things as increased portability, a boost in durability, unparalleled concealment. It can be a key component of a larger scheme, whereby you can have yourself transported undetected to some place where you will carry out some daring caper that you could never visit bodily.

In concept, there are obvious similarities to possession of sentient creatures or animals, but in those procedures you do not have to provision a brand new brain and you do need to evict or neutralize the previous tenant. With inanimate vessels, you are free to start from scratch.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Choose a duration. Will you be making the trip out of your body round trip or strictly one way? Your choice will influence your choice of inanimate vessel, and will alter your plans in a host of ways. It's also useful for deciding whether to put a new roof on the lair or not.
  2. Intellectual baggage. Whatever you select for your new home needs to be able to accommodate the amount of processing capacity comparable to that of your natural brain, at the least. This can be a daunting challenge for those who are not naturally fluent in advance computational science or higher dimensional metaphysics, so you should not hesitate to consult the experts, both around the world and in the spirit realm.
  3. Uploading. Once your new home is properly furnished, it is simply a matter of dropping your intellect in using one of the standard transmission protocols available. Once the process begins, it is best not to interrupt matters, so try to find a time when you are free of schedule conflicts and can arrange to have your minions follow an interim chief.
  4. Getting your bearings. Since your consciousness will not have the familiar user interface to the senses and to muscles, you will need either to train yourself to go without by finding other means to exert your will. You will almost certainly want to make full use of the communications lines you will have prepared for yourself in advance so you can keep a figurative eye on the world you left behind.
  5. Passing the time. How do you think you will react when you don't sleep or move around at all, locked in a vault — will that drive you more insane than you are currently? Will you be better off to inhabit an automotive device like a car or tank? Or will you revel in your effective immortality, seeing it as a way to bide ones time not constrained by conventional physiology? You will have plenty of time to mull these and other existential notions in your new mode of being.

! Strokes of genius

  • Do your own work. You will not find much literature on how to inhabit an inanimate object, plans of apparatus used, spells cast, etc., as each case is rather individual in its demands, and often the person who pulled the feat off cared little whether any others would ever follow in their path. Also, in the case that the spirit vessel is secret, it would be quite a lapse to have the step-by-step instructions on how it all came down available for any of their foes to study. So generally you have to plan on your own, extend known magical/technical apps to this case
  • Start large. It is easier to start with with something you can move around in, like a granite cliff, rather than something small and miniaturized, like a wristwatch. The people who inject their psyches into a computer or the internet, the easiest possible match, benefit from being able to draw upon lots of CPU cycles to run their minds. Feats of mental transference into plants and plastic statues, basic though they may seem to the casual observer, are paradoxically more advanced and difficult.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Leaving no note. If you do intend to re-embody yourself some day, it is important to leave a record for some trusted helper to do those things which you may find difficult to do yourself. It is perfectly reasonable to couch your instructions in the context of lavish promises of rewards and awesome powers, in order to widen their scope to those other than the most cold-blooded reanimation geeks.
  • Regrets, I've had a few. Do remember when going in for this that you will likely be without a mouth, an item which can be a useful to have when you need to make your intentions known. If you can, try to make your peace with those aspects of existence which you have grown accustomed to but will now be foregoing: eating, sleeping, sex (except in rare cases). Remember that while you may chafe at needing to make your peace with lost capabilities, you may still console yourself with new ones in your inanimate form.
  • Impatience. Inhabiting an inanimate object usually involves a lot of waiting, eons perhaps, for external agents (a willing and naive youth, perhaps) to move one around here and there and to take action to accomplish ones will. It can be a source of frustration to have such a huge concentration of power in a small place, but no senses or limbs of ones own. Before taking the big plunge committing yourself to this sort of future, you might want to consult a meditation master to learn to tolerate stillness of mind, for short periods at first, gradually increasing to extended stretches of uninterrupted stasis.

+ Precious and needful

  • Claustrophilia.
  • Internet access.
  • Brainteasers. An assortment you know by heart, to pass the hours and centuries.

Desideri (racconto)

Further plotting

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