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How to hasten the Singularity

****The term Singularity (external link) refers to the stage in technological development when machine intelligence exceeds the total for human intelligence, making artificial constructs superior to those of biological origin. As an evil villain you may choose to go about your business as if this era were not already pre-ordained, or you may take steps to ensure that when it does happen you will retain your place on the top of the heap, perhaps for perpetuity. Not least of your tasks will be to make adjustments to your attitude towards yourself, so that you can gracefully trade in your current bag of flesh for one of gleaming chrome and think of it as an upgrade.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Where the bots are. Depending on your preferences, you can house your artificial intelligences on the conventional physical plane (giant mainframes), in the unlimited expances of trans-dimensional spacetime (provided with portals into our universe), or you can spread their computing cycles in a distributed fashion through the net.
  2. Quantity and quality. To bring about the Singularity one needs bothextremely powerful artificial brains and lots of them. Once you have established them within their own version of Paradise, you can induce them to proliferate, but it is better in the long run if you can teach them to do that on their own by responding to primal drives that you have inserted into their programming.
  3. Pit them against one another. The way to get the very best from your AI flocks is to apply some natural selection techniques to them. If you divide them into red and blue armies, and divide the armies into battalions competing with one another, and so on down the line, you can devise a scoring algorithm to work out exactly which variant is best to pass its traits on to the next robot generation.
  4. Funding. You as Singularity backer will need to invest in AI manufacturing, AI education, AI power provisioning, and numerous other expensive activities. For the initial round of financing, some evil supervillains have found that using their creations to beat a casino or two was the best bet for bringing in some cash, but as their operations scaled up they had to shift over to more traditional evil moneymaking schemes to keep pace.

! Strokes of genius

  • Macro and micro. The fundamental difference between a nanotechnological solution and a design relying on larger-scale components is how easy it is in the former case to lose your work in the sofa cushions, which can be quite discouraging after one has invested a considerable fortune into the project. You would think that you could come up with some kind of homing beacon that would do the trick for you, but it is hard to keep your intelligent livestock from altering their programming to stymie all your efforts.
  • Making their debut. Once you have amassed enough machine intelligence to surpass that of the human race, you can put into place a scheme to install them as the de-facto world government which you or, more likely, the machines themselves, have designed to conquer the world. To do this, you need to set them up with privileged broadband access both to the public Internet and to the secure governmental networks so that they can exert their influence. Wireless, if possible.
  • Your personal aftermath. When the machines wipe out the biologicals in the end, will you be willing to give up your body to join the artificial hive, or do you insist on retaining some version of your original physical form?

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Stupidity viruses.
  • Hunter-predator bots.
  • Paradox bombs. Stupid little logic puzzles must not be allowed defeat your brains, so immunize them beforehand with copious amounts of nonsense.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries.

+ Precious and needful

  • Degrading prison camps for the humans.
  • Extra power cables.
  • PIN numbers. Also memorize your passwords because you are going to need them.

listening to Ken Wilber riffing on Kurzweils singularity

Further plotting

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