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The squeeze that suffocates Conflict |

How to get over a crush

****You may find yourself in a situation where quite unexpectedly, a sudden crush has taken away all your freedom of action and has clouded your senses so that you can think of nothing else. Remember then that these kinds of things generally happen to every evil supervillain at some point in his or her life and that many before you have persevered through the disorienting and unpleasant consequences and suffered no long-lasting harm. You may be at home and unable to move or act, or you may find yourself in a far-off place with your serious crush where you cannot hope to rely on your usual social contacts to help you through it. A powerful crush can be frightening the first time you experience it, but it is possible to see your way clear to a better place, and eventually to recover from it, if you know yourself and trust in your own strengths.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Analyze the crush in question. Some kinds of crushes leave your mind and senses relatively free but sap the strength of your body, while others leave a person blind and unable to hear, though still strong. Some bury a person under a mountain of their own dreams, where they can no longer delight in their own possessions any more as they seem to suffocate and bind. Some crushes are restless and busy, with a sense of constant motion, some just drag on like dead weight, and some feel nearly insubstantial as if the burden was being borne in the fourth dimension of space. You may feel an overall sense of numbness, or you may sense heat or cold almost too intense to bear. The more you can sense and learn about the particular kind of crush you are involved with, the more this information can help you to get over it.
  2. Focus on moving forward. If you are not completely helpless, you might be able to make some slow incremental progress on your own to make your way out of the situation. Do not expect to make huge advances all at once, or you may end up making things worse for yourself. Instead, try to find the natural path of least resistance as you carefully and systematically break the bonds holding you back. To determine which way to travel when you are thoroughly disoriented, simply shed a bitter tear. Gravity will, of course, pull the moisture downward so make your way in the opposite direction.
  3. Break the pin. Often it is a matter of one overwhelming fact that holds you in its thrall, and if you could defeat this one thing, you would be on your way to being over the crush. See whether you can offload the burden from yourself onto someone or something else, so that the energy of the crush is directed around you and past you.

Big Freakin Rock!!!

! Strokes of genius

  • Be upfront and positive. If you are able to speak with the significant person responsible for the crush, you may be able to win some concessions and tip things toward a better outcome for you. Always be yourself, unless you are a shapeshifter, in which case you should be whatever is most convenient for you to be while dealing with the crush.
  • Listen to your body. Is your heart pounding like it's going to leave your chest, or is your pulse thready and weak as if you are about to lose consciousness? Is there a metallic taste in your mouth, or the scent of gardenias on the air? And what are those hazy winged forms out of the corner of your eye? All these could be significant clues on how you are to find your way to a better place.
  • Walls that move. We spend so much time in places where the walls around us are fixed in place that it is a novel sensation to find oneself somewhere where this is not the case. If this happens in a room or other confined area which is inexorably becoming even more confining, the impulse can often be an unproductive emotion such as outrage, nostalgia, or depression. If, instead, you can direct some of your energies to find out whether there is a way to derail the advancing piston-head from its track or to oppose it with something reliably immovable you may find that a better use of your precious time instead.
  • The essentially uncrushable. If you happen to be undead, immortal, or indestructable you just have to exercise patience for the situation to work itself out. You might be able to explain, in time, that you are really not a suitable crushee to your adversary and achieve a sort of understanding between yourselves.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Cower. If you feel yourself being swept into a crush situation, seek shelter behind a rock or ogre or some other massive object that cannot be easily swept away, hanging on as tightly as possible until the situation quiets down. Do not fight the flow, but shield yourself from its fury. If you are lucky, the anchor can keep you from being carried off by the crush.
  • Panic. It squanders your energy and it scrambles your wits. It is extremely embarrassing, as well. If you can hold to the happy time before you were in your predicament, if you can imagine moving beyond the crush, you might find it actually happening for you.
  • Poor breath control. Always to remember to breathe. Unless it is an underwater sort of crush, in which case you might need to bow to the power of reflex (external link).
  • Huge metal spikes.
  • The descending ceiling.
  • Perilously attractive individuals toward whom you are drawn.

+ Precious and needful

  • The power of persuasion.
  • Smile. But be firm.
  • Jaws of life.
  • Some sturdy prop.
  • Oxygen tank.

Further plotting

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