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How to deal with heroes and superheroes


These creatures are also known as do-gooders and knights of justice and decency. Shining paragons of virtue, the hope of oppressed populations crushed under a tyrannical regime, incorruptible and selfless and nauseatingly self-righteous, In My Horrific Opinion.

Depending on their level of effort and skill, these range from simple annoyances to the utter bane of a supervillain's existence. On the one extreme, they could be just the kind of guys who like to watch while you're doing something requiring focus and concentration: a pest. On the other, they can be the one thing that keeps you from enjoying the world as your oyster and must be stopped.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. An order fetish. They generally play by the rules: use that to your benefit! Exactly what are their rules? Become a student of your adversaries, check out their websites, interview witnesses, send in spies.
  2. Unweaned pups. (Regarding male heroes and superheroes) Many a supervillain has been able to exploit this common quirk in the superhero psyche: a debilitating Freudian preoccupation with defenseless women. Some speculate that this is the result of childhood trauma or neglect, others point simply to the chafing of the underwear they insist on wearing outdoors. Try to keep one or two of the more defenseless and docile specimens of their females around to use as bargaining chips or shields and you may find them to be a good investment.
  3. Massive ego. Whatever else you can say about heroes, they do have this self-sacrificing streak that so many admire. You can most effectively combat this by threatening them with obscurity and irrelevance: if they go out not in the blaze of glory they crave but anonymously in a place where nobody knows of their courage and fortitude, many will simply crumple. Thus contrary to your expectations that a big show trial and public humiliation would break them, much better to send them off to rot in exile somewhere far from his fans.
  4. You and I are not very different. Your task to defeat a hero or superhero is in fact much easier than if you had to face an ordinary person in that the things that motivate you, the things which threaten you, and the things you rely upon all exist in the same exalted realm. For instance, just as you have to work diligently to secure your evil lair?, a superhero has a secret compound which is just as vulnerable to attack. Just as you need to train and screen your henchmen a superhero (usually) has a sidekick or other goody-two-shoes hangers-on who might serve as your point of entry. Joe the Average Citizen does not have these kinds of trappings, and you would have to shift your entire mindset to adjust to the bland, beige world he lives in and the mealy-mouthed constricted moral compass he follows, unlike the clean and straightforward force upon force calculations required when combating your main archenemies. Use this familiarity to your advantage.

! Strokes of genius

  • Be the bait. If you an infamous evildoer, there is nothing that a hero wants more than to lay his hands on you, more than securing the loot, rescuing the maiden, more than anything. It is the big prize you can dangle before the big lug to entice him into your most lethal traps. But in order for this to work, the perceived vulnerability you display must be convincing; you cannot simply stroll around nonchalantly and expect that a hero above the level of moron would take this at face value. So work on the backstory and sell the sizzle for all it's worth before enacting your little play.
  • Rely on the helpless. Heroes want above all to be seen as saviors of those who cannot save themselves, and this can be their downfall if you lay a helpless innocent or two along their path to distract them from exercising their vengeance upon yourself. Small children, waifish members of the opposite (or same, depending) sex, poky little animals, all of these can weld themselves to the do-gooder like tungsten weights, encumbering him or her from the freedom of action they might need to counter your own untrammeled schemes.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Over-reliance on your strength. It is fine to be the one who can shoot bolts of lightning from your elbows, until you come up against the girl made of nonconductive rubber. Or to surround yourself with a ruthless pirate horde, until some twerp with a stack of comic books distracts your guard long enough to infiltrate your inner sanctum. While you can often dominate and bully common folk with a single devastating asset, you should concentrate on defense in depth when you are up against a determined vigilante who can analyze your weak points and avoid your strong points at his or her own leisure. Most villains already know about this from their turf wars with neighboring baddies, but it is good to take a fresh look at your brand from a virtuous point of view now and then to see what exploits might be present.

+ Precious and needful

  • Impersonators. (either of yourself or of the hero/superhero's staff)
  • Blasters.
  • Their handwritten confession.

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Further plotting

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