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How to compel someone to love you

DSC_0114**** The pinnacle of evil idolatry is when you can glamor an unwilling subject to fall madly in love with one's personal aura to the exclusion of all else. This is what was once referred to as animal magnetism, even though, generally, one does not employ magnets to bring it about. The magical arts are replete with advice on how to entice an unsuspecting subject into this stunned stupor by means of incantations, props, and artifacts manipulated during a full moon at midnight.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Assessment of your subject. The first order of business is to conduct a multivariate analysis of possible target vulnerabilities: magical susceptability, mental suggestibility, sensitivity to physical duress, extortion opportunities. Consider that if you are able to start out with a neutral or favorable attitude on the part of the subject you can save a factor of two or more in overal time spent breaking down mental barriers between you and the desired configuration of the love center.
  2. Preparation. This refers to any "softening up" or "foreplay" measures which you can work to your advantage before the main assault on the subject's conscious mind. It may include such things as establishment of mood through choices of lighting, scent, and musical ambience, establishment of desirable chemical dependencies, and delivery of an alternate model of reality and can be a matter of minutes or of many years, depending on the difficulty level and your patience.
  3. Application of the charm. There is a certain lightness of touch required when taking over the conscious centers of a human mind when you are expecting it to be partially or mostly intact afterwards, which not every practitioner of the persuasive arts has a feeling for, so choose your attack strategy with the utmost of care. Many are of the opinion that the best results come from a takeover which is administered while the target is unaware of anything happening (whether unconscious or simply preoccupied), while others point out that a straightforward reprogramming of the subject's affections can be both more efficient and nearly as long-lasting in effect.
  4. Reinforcement. To guard against a feigned reassignment of affections simulating, but not delivering, true devotion, it is best to observe the subject after the initial adjustment has been made, preferably in a discreet yet thorough manner. Some subjects who are well versed in carrying themselves in a deceptive fashion (actors, psychopaths, mimes, etc.) will do a very good job at hiding the major signs of deceit, while leaving only very subtle "tells" as to the failure of the first round of psychic battle. In nearly all cases it is beneficial to repeat the enchantment or brainwashing one or more times after the initial round, leaving sufficient time in between bouts so that the mental pathways can start to integrate with the rest of the psyche.

! Strokes of genius

  • Brain overwrite. This is the technique where you implant a neural interface in the skull of your subject and use it to program their thoughts and emotions. As a fairly invasive means of influencing the mind, it is regarded by many as a last resort that will do when all other methods run into difficulties. Some supervillains prefer this direct approach for the possibility of changing the sentiments of the target mind back should the bloom go off the rose as time passes, although few can offer concrete evidence that anyone has actually succeeded in reversing a love charm this way.
  • High-powered hypnosis. The preferred way hypnosis is applied involves a ray or field generator which you can aim at your subject's head to implant the desired configuration of thoughts and emotions without all the time-consuming talking in the traditional method. Prices range from the relatively modest to the stratospheric, with reliability, duration of effect, and safety all increasing generally as one pays more.
  • Hormones on overdrive. The language of the brain is as much chemical as it is electrical, and the idea of producing the amorous state by tinkering with the chemistry of an individual through potions, pills, injections and the like is an old one. There has been no report of an undetectable, foolproof, fast-acting aphrodisiac preparation with no serious side effects, so only the evildoer administering the concoction is in a position to judge which deficiencies of such medical treatments are acceptable and which are unsuitable in the case at hand.
  • The passage through madness into bliss. Certain charismatic individuals report good success with a purely communication-based method which produces madness in the subject, then resolves this into a saner state with the desired tender emotions included. Methods include sleep deprivation, subaudible suggestion, disorientation of the environment, and existential threats.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Scrambled brains. Despite all precautions, a certain number of those who have an aphrodisiac charm applied will lose their rational faculties either temporarily or permanently.
  • Puppy love.
  • Confirmed narcissists.
  • Thousand-yard stare.
  • Sham pronouncements of devotion.

The Hardest Pill to Swallow

+ Precious and needful

  • Fingernail parings.
  • A vat of steroids.
  • Flashing strobe lamps.
  • Syringes.
  • Evil eye.

Further plotting

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