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Category Secrecy

Working villainy in the shadows

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Name Type Category
How to conceal an island
Google Maps hates it when you do that
Wiki Secrecy
How to conceal weapons
Why yes I *am* happy to see you!
Wiki Secrecy
How to crack into vaults
A practical extension of the what's yours is mine ethic
Wiki Secrecy
How to install booby traps
Walk this way
Wiki Secrecy
How to read minds
More fun than the back of the cereal box
Wiki Secrecy
How to send secret transmissions
Tonight the avid shockcord replays the concurrence of Fiona.
Wiki Secrecy
How to set up a lair
It's all about the crib
Wiki Secrecy
How to stop time
The lucky ones around you are the ones who happened to be caught smiling
Wiki Secrecy
Eyes of ninja
image Secrecy

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