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Category Lucre

Money, the root of all

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Name Type Category
How to become a divine monarch
All will hail you as the great and terrible
Wiki Lucre
How to become the richest being in the Solar System
Just piling up the wealth, because you can.
Wiki Lucre
How to build a head collection on a budget
You don't need to be made of money, just chock full of evil
Wiki Lucre
How to buy a used death ray
The doomsday device of your dreams is just a phone call away
Wiki Lucre
How to collect damned souls
Ooh, look! Shiny!
Wiki Lucre
How to cook Procyonic reptoids
Garnish with blaster
Wiki Lucre
How to crack into vaults
A practical extension of the what's yours is mine ethic
Wiki Lucre
How to curse an Emperor's ransom
Mark my words, you will regret what you have done
Wiki Lucre
How to display a mastery of wine
The elixir of gods and the blood of demons brought down on earth, or something
Wiki Lucre
How to divert funds to your bank account
Why let Ponzi get all the glory?
Wiki Lucre
How to earn money part-time
A little hard work never hurt anybody
Wiki Lucre
How to exploit advanced technology
This thing here is either the throttle or the flush lever
Wiki Lucre
How to fix a sporting event
One wonders why they bother keeping score at all sometimes
Wiki Lucre
How to get rid of giant eagles
There's no reason you have to cede air superiority to overgrown pigeons
Wiki Lucre
How to give everyone their heart's desire
Who's up for a little bit of comfort?
Wiki Lucre
How to inhabit inanimate objects
Any port in a psychic storm
Wiki Lucre
How to make a cluestick
Striking a blow that matters among the unenlightened
Wiki Lucre
How to make an attractive mummy
Knocking them dead in the Valley of Kings
Wiki Lucre
How to manage a virgin supply chain
You in the back! No giggling!
Wiki Lucre
How to outfit a seventeenth century pirate ship
For a life that is nasty, brutish, and short it's hard to beat that of a pirate
Wiki Lucre
How to peddle evil products
Kill, maim, and sicken millions while wearing a suit.
Wiki Lucre
How to pillage a city
The very best way to find something that would look nice over the sofa
Wiki Lucre
How to reign over love slaves
Peel me a bushel of grapes
Wiki Lucre
How to restore a vintage spaceship
Once she warms up, those drives growl like V-twins
Wiki Lucre
How to rob a stagecoach
The original Stand and Deliver had nothing to do with classrooms
Wiki Lucre

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