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He left us doing what he loved

”HowIf you have been following the news you know about the notorious dwarf Grimmbold, who perished in a dragonriding accident in mountainous terrain not long ago. According to eyewitnesses, the green dragon steered by Grimmbold and also carrying his executive henchman along with one other individual (reportedly in a sack) was seen losing altitude among a stand of lodgepole pines but was not obviously out of control or affected by inclement weather when it went down. The group was not engaging in combat, either normal or magical, at the time. The investigation into the causes for the crash was hampered by the magical flames engulfing the accident site and several acres surrounding it, consuming virtually all traces of the flyers. The interesting thing about this case was the unusual flight path taken by the dragon, which was nowhere near Grimmbold’s granite fortress or any of his normal raiding routes, but traversed a remote Northern wilderness where a number of other dragons had gone down in the past several years, possibly coincidentally. I know that the dwarf was by no means an inexperienced rider, having distinguished himself in a number of Grand Prix events over the years, but not whether he had been up to date in his emergency stopping technique which might conceivably have saved him from his fate.

And so what was shaping up to be a promising career was suddenly wiped out practically without a trace — a demise none of us would like to encounter. We have, therefore, revised and cleaned up the How to perform an emergency stop on a dragon article in hoping we can encourage other evildoers to avoid this kind of mishap.


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