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Every night a different freakshow

BodieAt the lair we have all our favorite stories about housing random transients, loathsome guests, bedbugs, freaks, degenerates, and lying sacks of trash over the years, now and then with a vivid detail that sort of sums up what if anything was memorable about the time they took up space here. Which makes us perfect authorities obviously on How to run a hotel, no matter what anyone says to the contrary, seeing as how we even went and talked to some actual shady innkeepers of our acquaintance about their complaints (which they were more than willing to describe at some length) and about the things they are having problems with (which required a little more persuasion on our part, for sure) and incorporated these completely seamlessly with our own observations on how to set your guest rooms up, on what kinds of monsters to use as staff, and what kind of liquor to stock behind the front desk, which are the kind of things that you just cannot come up with all on your own without some kind of real experience, right? But still we wanted to make it not too specific on what kind of rotten dealings were supposed to be going on behind the facade and all, we wanted to do it up in a way that the skull guy kept calling “generic” and so “generic” is what was put down all right, with just those little touches that you need to have to keep your reader from passing out out of boredom (that’s what I kept saying) or flipping to some other article here maybe or even going to some other website on the subject, not that I know of any. Okay so make of it what you will make of it, I did all I could, whatever.


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