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Take that, Mrs. Macombe

Now I was never one much for paying attention to school so when the wiki topic on How to reduce a school to rubble came along I was like "Ooh, yeah I can do that!" And it turns out that when you think about it for half a second or so, the more you realize that your average school is barely hanging on as it is, so it is like so easy to just kick the legs out from under it and let it crash down, hard. And wouldn't that just be too bad for those chalk-covered wretches like old, bow-legged third grade teacher with her evil eye (and I don't mean that in a good way) and her nest of hair and her miserable sorry excuse for a public speaking voice, who never once let me forget how those multiplication tables were an enemy I would not and could not defeat. And I am still here, and where is your school now, is it where it belongs, do you think?


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