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For I am become Death, egger of cars

As a fundamentally fairly serious villain, I have not often spent much effort in playing mind games with my enemies, but now and then the opportunity has presented itself to introduce a little humiliation, an extra twist of the rusty spork, while still accomplishing the original intent to dominate. For as one who has delved at great length to tease out the secrets of existence itself, I have the credentials to testify that it is scarcely life worth the name unless one can laugh uproariously at those one hates now and then.

This is unfortunately not the place to discuss openly the sorts of stunts I have carried out in a covert manner, nor, obviously, those which are still waiting to be sprung when the time is right. But as for my record, I can only say that it has been an unblemished succession of devilry, each one bringing a brand new sort of agony to the hapless mark.

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