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Tell me I don't look fat in this sapphire

It is finally something like Spring around the lair, so I have been engaged with dragooning some of the layabouts to do a little tidying up, and in the process have amassed a large heap of things to be burned, deParticlized, or thrown out. Passing the rubbish bin one day, my eye lit upon an artifact which chilled me to the very marrow: a flashlight. For I recalled that was in fact the current vessel for a powerful Djinn, a sorceror who had mastered How to inhabit inanimate objects, many times over. What if the old MagliteĀ® had fallen into an enemy's hands where it could be turned against me, harboring that unhappy spirit, remembering how it had been dumped unceremoniously? Thus did I retrieve it and put it in a safe place. Of honor.

The public at large it seems does not appreciate just how many things in everyday life are actually inhabited by spirits, invariably evil. (Forces of good somehow never go in for this sort of thing, why is that?) On my way to the post office, for example, I can think of a large grey boulder, a bronze grave marker, a tiki mug in a shop window, and a 1987 K-car, all imbued with malevolent intelligence and a couple of them seething with hatred. Some of them are relatively content with the state of affairs while others are figuratively kicking themselves, trapped in a place they would rather not be all due to faulty planning.

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