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The pipes, the pipes are calling

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, for some reason, but I really enjoy playing bagpipes in our little band The Beelzebub Primary, rocking out on a set of pipes with crimson cinnabar chanter and drones, and I got my girlfriend to put my name on the front of the blood-red bag using a Bedazzler (external link) and a whole bunch of rhinestones. My girlfriend Gladys (who used to be called Gladys Juanita Torres, but she goes by one name now to be badass) plays the tubular bells, and Louisa (who used to be a girl, then became a dude, and now is back to being a girl) runs the drum machine when we practice. We also played one gig at this sort of nice place that my nephew Rooge rented one night for his wedding reception I think and I think we were so good we stunned the place into silence after our first set. Whenever I tell people about this sideline, which actually occupies my time at least once a month (I just nuke a roadkill casserole that night), it seems to me that people are not in tune with the fact that many evildoers are awfully musical in nature. I know some who come to villainy from music and others who come to music from villainy. The thing they have in common I think is the exposure to many years of cruel lessons as a kid, ugh.


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