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Rockin’ in the cupboard

SolbrillerThe subject of How to turn people to stone was brought once more to mind by a recent infestation of gorgons here at Heaven On Earth, which wouldn’t nearly be as annoying if it weren’t for how hard it is to convince an exterminator to come in and take care of things, no matter how much you tell them you are willing to spend or give them, plus they expect the homeowner to do all the hard work beforehand of setting up the system of mirrors and sign insurance riders and I don’t know exactly what all else, so they could just traipse on in and put in their ten minutes of work and get paid for doing the whole job. I was thinking that it was such a waste with evil villains who would pay good money to get access to a real honest-to-goodness stone gazing gorgon to help out in whatever caper they were up to, but since the things are so nasty (and it’s a lie if anyone tells you that they’re actually easy to tame, trust me) that to try to make this work would be such an incredible hassle of its own that it seems totally to not be worth the effort. That’s why people who have actual lives to live go in for petrifaction beams and potions instead for their turning to stone needs, which we talk a little bit more about in the revised article, check it out.


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