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The spirit winds, they blow for you

Colin This week’s new article is one on the ever-popular subject of How to generate repulsive force fields, well beloved by those evil supervillains who need to project their influence over an area in a non-corporeal fashion (which includes most if not all of us). If any one thing can be said to proclaim “here is a being who has achieved mastery over some advanced technology beyond our mortal ken” it would have to be this one, with its uncanny optical distorting appearance coupled with total insubstantiality. When steel bars will simply not do and armor plating cannot be accommodated, it is to the repulsor field, deflector beam, or plasma cage that the evildoer turns. These are invariably energy-hungry baubles, so other villains know when they see one in operation that here is a fiend with means. I cannot speak too highly of the way in which the tasteful electromagnetic shield adorns the well-appointed evil lair and am both pleased and privileged to bring a taste of this mark of fine living to the greater community of evil geniuses here at evilHow.

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