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Once again all others fail to help you in your great need

SharpThe Internet is vast and seemingly all-reaching, but it is surprisingly hard to find out the most basic information you need sometimes, regardless of what search engine you use or what reference sources you subscribe to. Take for instance the topic of basic portcullis repair and maintenance, which you would think would be exhaustively covered on one of the many home handyman sites around, given the large number of supervillains interested in the subject, the relative straightforwardness of the information required (nothing terribly secret is involved, in the vast majority of cases), and the appeal to the public at large whose fascination with the abodes of their malevolent neighbors is well known. You would think that one of the home project-oriented television programs showing the ins and outs of repair to do-it-yourselfers would have had at least a short segment on lubricating a squeaky portcullis winch, or seasonal maintenance of iron spikes in a damp climate. It may come as a surprise to you that nothing of the sort is there to be had. Thus we here at evilHow have resolved to step into the breach, so to speak, and make our contribution freely available not only to our fearsome allies, nor only to those of a villainous stripe, but to castle- and fortress-dwellers everywhere purely out of our own appreciation of how these massive and impressive portals we pass through virtually every day lend a pointy touch of elegant gentility that should not be lost.

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