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Freud rears his ugly head once more

wet,The new article up is on How to attract giant worms. This because the popularity of films based on worms various (external link) sizes (external link) points to an enduring antipathy toward the creatures among one's potential victims, along with the ways that giant worms can provide a very desirable missing element to a villain's operations. Attracting giant worms to your evil lair is not only fun, but potentially rewarding as well, as they lay waste to the surrounding countryside so all you have to do is send in your pillaging squads. This could well be one reason giant worm baiting has gained in popularity over the ages.

It is a myth that giant worms themselves attract attention from Elder Gods from space. They are for the most part simply another lifeform which nature has equipped with certain talents and traits to fill a particular niche in the monstrous ecosystem, not necessarily a demonic blight straight out of the tales of infernal damnation. If one can accept them for what they are without preconceptions, the resourceful insane genius can no doubt find a way to turn them into a formidable advantage.

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