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It's clean living and good genes, that's what I tell everyone

cerebralThere used to be a time when all that was required was to have a more vicious attitude toward life and a predisposition toward escalating violence and a halfwitted minor thug could go far in the pursuit of the pinnacle of baseness. Nowadays it doesn't matter how clever you are or how much education you've had — if you wish to be a world-class supervillain you still need to expand your brain to antiheroic proportions. Boosting your mental faculties does by no means translate simply to obsessing over thick books or practicing your foreign languages, in fact there are plenty of dangerous and shocking things you can do to grow a mighty brain of your own.

Ultimately only you can decide whether to go the machine intelligence route or to try to induce your thinking gland to change and grow through more organic means. Much of it has to do with your personal comfort factors as well as your area of expertise and interest. If we maintain an open mind, we can all aspire to these kinds of enhancements. As I like to put it, "Think no evil, do no evil, hear no evil, and you will never rule a major continent."

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