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StartedMonday 01 of September, 2008
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Best daySunday 12 of July, 2009 (53659 pvs)
Worst dayThursday 04 of September, 2008 (1 pvs)

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Wiki Pages175
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Total topics165
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Total posts210
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User Stats

User bookmarks65
Average bookmarks per user0.01

Most viewed objects

HomePage wiki 3653101
How to write a ransom note wiki 171667
How to escape from shackles wiki 53177
How to display a mastery of wine wiki 42922
UserPageCapellaNovafyre wiki 40019
Featured content wiki 39154
How to summon spirits of the dead wiki 37892
How to tickle wiki 31771
How to install booby traps wiki 31687
UserPageVeeper wiki 31619
How to divert funds to your bank account wiki 30157
UserPageGrinningSkull wiki 28431
How to upload your consciousness wiki 27892
How to remember the five rules of good shapeshifting wiki 27399
How to bake cakes of doom wiki 27326
How to compel someone to love you wiki 26691
How to become the richest being in the Solar System wiki 26685
How to sharpen a guillotine wiki 26495
How to get rid of giant eagles wiki 24956
How to get rid of a corpse wiki 24827

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days

Object Section Hits
HomePage wiki 7949
How to write a ransom note wiki 255
How to send secret transmissions wiki 228
How to turn people to stone wiki 224
Imagecontent image gallery 180
How to escape from shackles wiki 145
How to crack into vaults wiki 125
How to remember the five rules of good shapeshifting wiki 94
skullname-btn.gif image 74
How to display a mastery of wine wiki 74
Wiki image gallery 66
evil5188.png image 63
How to come up with brand new evil schemes wiki 62
hbnscrolls2.jpg image 59
sky1.jpg image 59
Bullsnake22.jpeg image 57
evilhowbig.png image 57
Planet ad image 56
eviltype.jpg image 56
How to survive a road trip wiki 56

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