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One for the volcano now and two for later
Posted by Veeper on Sun 03 of Oct., 2010 06:20 EDT
HitFrom ancient times, the human virgin has played an important role as sacrificial payment to a god or some other potentate and as magical energy source for both mortal and immortal villains. In addition to their sacrificial role for supplicating various evil deities, it turns out that there are certain other areas of demand, including unicorn hunting and olive oil production. Neglected, for the most part, by “legitimate” commerce, the virgin trade is a lucrative line of business for a a great many unscrupulous evildoer operations ranging in size from local to multinational. High in value but also highly perishable, virgins need to be processed with special considerations in order to maintain product quality all the way to the enduser. The latest article here is devoted to the maximization of profit through astute management of the virgin supply chain according to the most modern techniques.


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