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Pipe down, all of you
Posted by GrinningSkull on Thu 30 of Sept., 2010 07:18 EDT
wailRecently we were reminded of the difficulty of making the screams cease when an acquaintance of ours, a ghoul with numerous successful misdeeds on his ledger, began to complain of a certain listlessness especially after meals. He was checked for organic problems and given a clean bill of health (as he was the sort who mainly kept his vices to the execution of his trade) and so his torpor was unexpected for a person of his relative youth. Some investigation including recording of his nighttime habits revealed that he was tossing and turning all night long, accounting for the disarray of the bedchamber every morning, evidently in some measure of distress all on an unconscious level. What might have caused this to come out now, after a healthy career of torture, execution, and mayhem? It so happened it had something to do with a curious artifact that found its way into the fellow’s possession, an innocent-looking item which on closer inspection proved to be of alien origin and proved to be somewhat troublesome to rid the sufferer of in a safe manner. I have it on good authority that the individual is now free of sleep troubles caused by imagined voices, and has traded that whole episode of his life for one in which he finds himself under some compulsion to travel around this region of the galaxy, far from the site of his original deeds.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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