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You currently have almost the entire school year to pull this one off
Posted by CapellaNovafyre on Thu 16 of Sept., 2010 07:27 EDT
AbandonedIt has become a bone of contention here at evilhow central about the How to reduce a school to rubble article, which I was saying was serving a valuable role and certain others were saying that could be absorbed I don’t know how into How to run an institution of higher learning even though it seemed to me that it was kind of the complete opposite (though, I admit, in the end maybe getting to the same place), and we were going back and forth and not seeing eye to eye about the matter, so I finally just took the matter into my own hands and refreshed the “rubble” page, to make it clear that this was something for the evil guy who wasn’t in a position to run the place and not able to just tear the place down but wanted to influence it from the outside with a more limited set of resources. Hope you like.


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