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Splitting hairs in no time
Posted by CapellaNovafyre on Sun 12 of Sept., 2010 06:42 EDT
myFor some reason most of the everyday chores of keeping the place in one piece seem to fall to me, including the job of guillotine sharpening, which I like to save for a quiet weekday once a month when I don’t have stuff like ironing or dusting of poleaxes on my mind, not too late in the day when I like to take a “me-time” break with something cool and refreshing on my try, but also not too early when people are likely to complain about the racket caused by the shrieking metal (as if they could hear it over all the other shrieking that goes on at all hours). It can’t be a day when the gadget is going to be in use, when there’s too much else going on with other people’s agendas all getting in the way, and it’s better if it isn’t a time where a lot of other edged weapons are being serviced, like right before an old-timey pirate raid or that kind of thing, because I do like to take my time to get things done the way I like without being hurried. The heavy lifting I get somebody else to do, ever since I hurt my right shoulder that one time and the doctor said I should avoid whatever it was I did to get into that condition, though once they unbolt the thing and bring it down to the shop there’s plenty of cleaning and disinfecting I still have to do up on the scaffold itself, because like I say, the plum assignment of doing all these clean-up details that nobody else can be bothered to do is mine, all mine. I guess I’m lucky we have just the one setup to look after instead of the real big-time operators I hear about with up to a half a dozen being used in rotation at all hours, but I guess if we were in that deep we would have an entire crew doing nothing but running the choppers and keeping them in working order which I would think would take some of the hobby aspect out of it and make it more like a boring old job, and who needs any of that? I ask.


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