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Underline your coolness with munitions
Posted by GrinningSkull on Sun 05 of July, 2009 19:04 EDT
LicorneImagine a massively destructive explosion bringing down an impressively large structure, with billows of smoke, open flames, and not a little amount of debris being cast about by concussive force, and in the foreground a figure that moves heedless of any threat of serious bodily harm or death. It is your figure, walking away from that explosion. What could be more impressive than that? If it is live and in front of your admiring henchmen and dispirited enemies it provides an indelible gloss to your image. If it is recorded skilfully, with modern cinematographic mind-control techniques applied, it can be an irresistible recruiting tool and morale enhancer for a long time to come. But to get something worth your while a little more is involved than dropping a lit M80 into a bucket and tottering toward a cameraphone.

Unlike many of the mainstays of evilcraft such as How to lie to someone's face, How to oppress the meek, and even How to destroy the planet, turning your back on an explosive situation and calmly strolling away without a sense that there is anything amiss is not something that comes naturally to most evildoers. Unless you are deaf and dangerously psychotic (a very big unless, I am aware), there is a very natural impulse to anticipate the detonation by turning your head so as to listen for unusual noises or hesitating when you hear the pop of the exploding cap. Earplugs might help with this, or an intoxicant that you like, but the best solution is the old standby to diligent fiends: practice, practice, practice.

(Posted for the U.S. Fourth of July weekend holiday)

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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