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How to roll with a gang of energy beings

****Naturally unconstrained by physical laws and conventions, energy beings (EBs) tend to organize themselves socially in a way that we on the material level can best understand to be something like gang norms. Unruly, unpoliced, and undisciplined, they seldom respect boundaries, seeking only to achieve their aims and whims. The varieties of motivation include those EBs that enjoy strife, that create art of inscrutable sort by meddling in the details of a universe, that revel in the extinction of life, and those that bet on the outcome of galactic wars. As a logical extension of the aspirations of evil supervillains everywhere this should strike a sympathetic chord among many of those you know and work with. Still there are limits to the analogy: most of the activities which are the mainstays of the gangster life do not apply: drugs, prostitution, money laundering, with a few exceptions which we will come to in a bit.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Ditch the bones. While nowhere is it written that you must yourself be an EB to hang out with a collection of EBs, it is probably a lot easier than going through a go-between. You bypass the inevitable issues of trust, of where and how to hold meetings, and will not miss out on the nuances in the winds of the spacetime continuum. Usually the best way to go native is to enlist the aid of one of your buds to give you a boost up.
  2. Seek out the talent. Those who enjoy slumming in the guise of mortals, or will pass invisible among them should be delegated as that key function, others do not enjoy getting their hands dirty (or having hands at all). Makes for interesting and diverting plot lines when dealing with finite beings whose lives are over in less than eons.
  3. Gang wavelengths. Energy being gang colors are not restricted to the visible spectrum as the mundane sort, ranging anywhere from longwave radio to gamma rays and such exotica as gravity waves. This enhanced range makes it less likely that one will be trespassing on another gang's chosen frequency, but accidents can still happen. When wandering abroad, members should avoid emitting the colors of rival gangs, lest there be reprisal.
  4. Tags. Your group will stake out a territory by marking it and defending the marks. Spray paint won't do to mark your sector of the Galaxy, so stick to the old standbys: fluctuation in the neutrino density, shape of a spiral arm, matter-antimatter ratio, handedness of proteins, and amplitude modulation of the cosmic background radiation.
  5. Rackets. The universes are large and a hard-working EB gang will find many opportunities to bring into being the particular corner of Hell they are after somewhere in a bit of space that is there very own turf. Additinally, it still makes sense to speak of plain old extortion, forcing a race unfortunate enough not to be composed of super-powerful energy beings to capitulate in some way for fear of annihilation.

! Strokes of genius

  • Discipline. When someone in your electromagnetic posse needs an object lesson, confine them within a superconducting cage which will give them painful zaps as they short out against it.
  • Recruiting. Over the eons, your group will want to take on young EBs to carry on the mayhem. You may wish to carry out your initiation rites at a singular and impressive locale suc as the birth or the big crunch of the local universe.
  • Terrorizing the hood. The best hope for mortal heroes/superheroes and their sympathizers not to be trampled is just to stay out of the way and try to remain overlooked. Conversely, the best strategy for your gang is to turn over every stone in your turf systematically to flush out the undesirables, perhaps working in twos to assure good coverage.
  • Music. There is a thriving genre of trans-urban rap in which the lyrics are about the humble and desperate origins on the material plane before the performer's current ascension to omnipotence.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Rival gangs. Tiring of toying with mortals, these EBs like nothing better than to mess with your game for their own amusement. Is it possible to identify points of common interest, or a way to replace superficial conflict with mutual advantage? For example consider this scenario: You: feed off pain and terror, they: spawn off baby universes. Perhaps they can work with you as a supplier?
  • Being the patsy. This is a kind of hazing in which the others let you believe that you are running the show, but in their own minds regard you actually as the butt of subtle jokes at your expense. If you want to avoid a sorry end remember that everyone, no matter how little matter they are made up of, has some weak point in their armor, which you must collect, hide, and use without hesitation when push comes to virtual shove.
  • Stuck in a rut.

+ Precious and needful

  • Neutron stars. For the necessary pit stop.
  • Wormhole transport passes.
  • Poker chips.

Further plotting

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