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Welcome to the one-stop site telling you all you need to know to be an evil villain, a nefarious cybernetic juggernaut, or a not-to-be-truly-comprehended interstellar vixen. Easy yet comprehensive step-by-step instructions along with advanced tips will make you a horrific success and the curse of your realm in no time at all.

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lightning cake Blog post It's kind of disgusting when you think about it by Capella on How to bake cakes of doom The carbs and trans fats are the least of our worries here

One in a crowd - Dita Blog post Baffled, frankly, why everyone does not transition by MACERATOR on How to upload your consciousness Upgrade yourself and future-proof your diabolic menace

The Hug Blog post You all look pretty much the same to this serpent by Veeper on How to tell clones apart It's to the point where you just don't want to have to worry sometimes

Grinning Skull has a Friendfeed (external link) that may be of interest. Also, don't miss the blog.

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Here are the core skills that you need to launch your dastardly career in mayhem, to the dismay of all right-thinking lifeforms.

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